QSync not working over new router

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QSync not working over new router

Post by DJDJDJDJ » Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:01 am


I was accessing my NAS drive at my home through a linksys router. I use QSync to backup files from a remote computer and sometime use the QFile app on my iphone to access some files.
Everything was working fine until I changed my router. I now have a bit semi-pro Ubiquity router. For some reason, QSync is no longer connecting. I can access my NAS drive from my mobile phone using my own DDNS. I have also setup MyQnapCloud DDNS.

So to ensure a relatively clean setup, I would like to know the following:

- What ports are needed for QNap DDNS?
- What ports are needed for using QSync over the web?
- What ports are needed for accessing files using QFile mobile app?
- Lastly, where can I change some of the default ports if a particular port needs forwarding but it already being used by a different device?

I understand some people say just use the UPNP but for some reason it is not working (Could be the router?). Also, I have heard that it is better (more secure?) to forward certain ports rather than give an app a cart blanch using UPNP. Currently, if I turn on UPNP, MyQNAPCloud App on the NAS drive shows:

- Auto Router Configuration Status: Green Tick
- Auto Router Configuration Web Connectivity: Red Cross
- DDNS Status: Green Tick

Thank you for any help.

Best Regards.

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