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CloudLink IP Exposure

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:38 am
by greentrancer
Hello. Since I disabled CloudLink and I mean the link, I noticed that if I still use the link on a mobile device, I am being redirected to my IP:8080 - the NAS login page.

I was under the assumption that CloudLink is meant to provide a secure connection to your NAS where you have to login and it does not expose the IP of the NAS; however, that is NOT the case.

I can confirm this with 100% certainty because I gave the qlink to other friends and they were still redirected to my IP:8080 when CloudLink is definitely disabled. Does not seem to happen if you access the link from a laptop / desktop machine, only one with mobile or mobile view, which seems very strange.

Could anyone check if that is the case on your end, please? I also raised a ticket with Qnap Support about this.