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VPN Routing trouble

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 4:20 pm
by nasgul
This might be a basic and obvious question. SInce I am exploring this for the first time, I am pushing my knowledge.
I have the following set-up (See picture)
  • Local Network with QNAP NAS TS1282, QTS
    remote Network behind a RUT240 4G Router
    Windows 10 VM running on NAS on local network
    Device connected to RUT240 on remote network
    QVPN Server running PPTP (for testing. Will migrate to OVpn or other when concept is validated)
The W10VM runs a piece of SW which needs to access the device located on the remote network.
This test is to validate the reaction times of the remote device.
I have bveen able to connect the remote device through VPN to the local network and able to ping the VM

But the VM is unable to see/ping the remote device. I assume there is a routing issue on the VPN Server.
Any help would be greatly appreciated