Uploaded file permissions not inheriting

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Uploaded file permissions not inheriting

Post by rmowens » Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:42 pm

Hi all,

My organization uses our QNAP NAS both as a standard Windows network share on our office LAN and via myQNAPcloud.

File permissions work fine for all users when accessing the NAS as a Windows share. However, when someone uploads a new file or overwrites an existing file in our shared folder via myQNAPcloud, that file's permission changes to the owner alone, rather than inheriting the permissions of that destination end folder (which is usually R/W permission for all users). To make that file accessible to other users, the owner or an admin must then manually change the file's or folder's permissions back to include all the other desired users. I would like the behavior simply to be that an uploaded file automatically inherits the permissions of the end folder to which it is uploaded.

Thanks for any advice.

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