Qsync change detection is slow

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Qsync change detection is slow

Post by ner0p » Thu Dec 10, 2020 7:20 am

I've been testing Qsync for about two weeks, at the same time I'm testing Synology's Drive - testing Windows exclusively at the moment - as I try both solutions, I may update this list.

Qsync pros:
- Much nicer dashboard and overview, shows stats, space quota, etc; Synology shows essentially nothing outside of the sync job and folder tree itself.
- If sync folder is unavailable (unmounted USB), it will automatically resume sync operation once the sync folder becomes available again; Synology will never resume on its own.

Qsync cons:
- Much slower scanning or change detection, so far takes up to 2 minutes until it realizes what's new that needs syncing; in comparison, Synology is practically instant for the exact same sync source and data.
- Still hasn't implemented the announced Space-Saving Mode to free local space while being able to sync on read/write; this should be the equivalent of Synology's On-demand Sync which works pretty well.

While Qsync has very strong points, it seems very strange to me that it takes so much more time to detect changes. I usually set both solutions on pause mode and then move into the sync folder a dozen new files, then I resume the sync on each of them. Qsync will usually take around 2 minutes to figure out that there was a change while Synology's Drive will take 10 seconds (worst-case scenario).

I've looked hard at the client settings, but maybe I'm missing something... is this teh normal behavior from pause to detection or maybe is there a setting that increases the frequency of polling?

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