will not connect to domain.myqnapcloud.com

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will not connect to domain.myqnapcloud.com

Post by marius77 » Tue Feb 09, 2021 12:08 am

...or any other dyndns service .... we had satelite for a while, so i expected it to be problematic due to latency, but now we have 4g here (rural area) and a tp link model Archer MR600 ... going to the adress qlink.to/server now works, but not server or domain.myqnapcloud.com ... ive set up fixed ip for the qnap device and virtual servers at port 80, 8080, 81, 443 and a few others, still nothing. Even tried setting it as DMZ and upnp is enabled. Any idea what this could be?

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Re: will not connect to domain.myqnapcloud.com

Post by dolbyman » Tue Feb 09, 2021 12:30 am

Good, exposing you NAS via port forwarding is a great way to get hacked and lose all your data.

Disable all port forwards and uPnP and setup WAN access ONLY via a VPN (server setup on router or firewall .. no, it costs no monthly subscription)

If you absolutely cannot use VPN, use QNAP cloudlink

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Re: will not connect to domain.myqnapcloud.com

Post by Mousetick » Tue Feb 09, 2021 4:35 am

Your network is unreachable from the outside likely because of double-NAT. You can't host services with double-NAT.

With your wireless Internet access point, your ISP is probably using CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT). That means your router's address is not a public address:
Internet ---- ISP router (public IP address) ---- ISP wireless router (private IP network 1) ---- Your wireless access point / router (private network 2) ---- Your NAS

Picture stolen from Netgear (this is not an endorsement nor an advertisement)
The problem is that even though your router is forwarding ports to your NAS, your ISP wireless router's is not forwarding ports to any of its customers.

You can easily check whether you are behind double-NAT by looking at your router's WAN IP address: if it's a private network address, then it's NAT'ed by your ISP.

As noted in previous post, hosting services on your NAS and making them accessible directly from the Internet pose a great security risk, so should be avoided.

Hosting a VPN server on your private network to securely access your NAS from the Internet is not possible with double-NAT, since the VPN server itself needs to be reachable from the Internet through forwarded open ports, but as already been said, the ISP's CGNAT doesn't forward ports downstream to its customers.

The solution to all this mess is to use IPv6 end-to-end, where all devices have unique public IP addresses.

Or to use a relay service which itself is publicly accessible. myQNAPcloud Link is a such a relay service.
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