Does audio get transcoded on-the-fly to mobile apps?

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Does audio get transcoded on-the-fly to mobile apps?

Post by nosearchforguest » Fri Jan 24, 2014 1:21 am


I just got an upgrade to my mobile data plan (5GB 4G per month, woot!) and so I am experimenting with the Cloud server and streaming audio over the cellular network to my mobile device.

But, I would like to know, does the server (mine is TS412) reencode the audio on-the-fly, or does it serve up the original file over the network?

I ask because all of my music is encoded in FLAC, which are much bigger than MP3 or OGG, and I don't want to waste bandwidth streaming the FLAC files over the cellular network!

I have experience with other streaming devices over WiFi using UPNP, and those devices have always re-encoded the FLAC to MP3 (usually 128kb), on-ther-fly, as they streamed over the network.

I really need to know the answer to this before I start wasting hundreds of megabytes of data streaming FLAC files. Could someone knowledgeable let me know how the Cloud device streams audio?

Thanks a bunch.

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