VirtualBox v5

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VirtualBox v5

Postby m@k » Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:02 am


Does anyone know the method, how to export/convert a virtual machine from VirtualBox v5 (system WinXP) to make readable for Virtualization Station?
VS supports only images from VB v4. :(


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Re: VirtualBox v5

Postby father_mande » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:40 pm


Use intermediate format
vdi to raw using clonehd in Virtualbox
raw to img / cow / cow2 using qemu-img in qemu (so Virtualisation Station)
Another format supported by the two tools is vmware disk image

Be sure to don't have snapshot ... and to have defragmented it if original is NTFS

If source is not clean ... an option is to use an external program like "true image" or a free one "paragon backup and recovery", etc. to save from original an image of the disk and restore it in qemu ... advantage here is :
resize is possible
NAS can be the recipient for the image
in opposite ... this need basic image to use the disk image to save as slave ... but you do it only one time ... for any next usage
except when a Live_CD exist (like true image) ... so just boot using live_cd and pre-define the new disk ... it's all

Attention some tools don't use same format for network backup / image or local ... so use always a network backup (or samba, etc.)

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