Notes Station Beta3 release

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Re: Notes Station Beta3 release

Post by jpirie » Tue May 15, 2018 3:21 pm

Hi Bitminer,
I agree with everything you say here. I've been dealing with QNAP for a lot longer than two years and find it an extremely frustrating experience. I have to say though, once you get their attention via the support system they can (and do) get things fixed but you do have to be particularly persistent :)
I had exactly the same issue as you with importing the Notes station 2 data and had even gone to the trouble of sending my old notes file to QNAP for them to try it. Guess what? It imported into their test rig without issues!! Don't you just hate that? :)
Then they started blaming my RAM chips, my Hard drive choice etc etc etc and, here is where I became persistent, I changed all of those items just to see where we would go next ;) None of it helped and the file still refused to import.
As I am typing this I realise that I cannot no remember how I finally solved this problem so I will go back through old mails etc and see if I can pinpoint the solution and I will get back to you.

As for the other "omissions" of Note Station 3, well I have requested that they be re initiated, i.e. the calendar integration, the Web Clipper etc etc and am assured that thye are to be included in a major update at some point soon know as well as I how long that could be. I can only suggest that you contact them through the ticketing system and add your voice to the issue! Notes Station 3 IS better than 2 in important ways but appears to be a step backwards from a functionality point of view. The backups issue is a major one and you should stress that point as I think I missed that one from my requests.
Hopefully I will get back to you soon.



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Re: Notes Station Beta3 release

Post by jpirie » Tue May 15, 2018 10:25 pm

Ok, I just re read my ticket regarding this issue and it was lengthy and quite fraught with problems and some anger from my side!

In the end I replaced all the HDD's and the RAM chips and had an argument with QNAP over their assertion that the Crucial RAM upgrade being sold by Amazon specifically for this NAS was "Not compatible"
In the end I refitted the original RAM to keep everyone happy and still the transfer would not happen fully. I was getting partial note collections.

Eventually I was persuaded to update to the latest Beta operating system, all over again and thus re-initialise the NAS...again.

Finally I was able to "Migrate" the information rather than "Import" and, for this, you have to be logged in as the "admin" user, not any old administrator but the main "admin" The "migrate" option is only available then!
After that I exported the notes file again and re imported to my own identity! Not ideal but, eventually, it worked.

After that I had to open and edit each note, just added a space, in order for the Notes Station to be able to search within the imported notes!! Just reading through it all is making me mad again :)

Crucial did not accept that their RAM chip was being labelled as "Incompatible" nor did they think it was remotely possible that the QNAP stock RAM was in any way different to that which cooul dbe purchased off the shelf but that is what QNAP maintained, their RAM was specially programmed to allow QNAP applications to run correctly! Make what you will of that but, all now runs well enough with the Crucial RAM fitted.

I hope you get this sorted, I know I have not been of much help but, at least you know you are not alone :)

The ticket number for my issue was: #DAT-573-94478

Hope you get sorted .


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Re: Notes Station Beta3 release

Post by kepilif » Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:34 am

I hope that one year after the release of Notest Station 3, there will be an update with calendar integration and web clipper. Personally, I would like to change the date when the notes and authors were created. As well as sorting notes taking into account the above values.

What I missed work to create connections to other notes. Always ongoing to copy the link (internal or external). The best implementation of linking forward has wikipedia.

They call it the Camel case or the

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Re: Notes Station Beta3 release

Post by Paul_L » Tue Jan 12, 2021 1:07 am

2 1/2 years later still waiting for the ability to sort the list of Notes in the left hand panel! Seems such a basic feature to be missing.

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Re: Notes Station Beta3 release

Post by jpirie » Tue Jan 12, 2021 2:18 am

Just for your information, I finally gave up waiting for this to be a useable notes app. Mostly access from mobile was flaky if it worked at all.

I realise this is not particularly helpful but I am now using Nextcloud notes on Android but, for this, you have to have an account on or setup your own nextcloud server. I chose the latter and it's fantastic and all safe in my own home.
I was able to access Notes station remotely but it was never a great success in that guise so, before I became too invested...I stopped using it.

Its a great pity because it was/is a good app and a good attempt at integration on mobile but it's just too frustrating dealing with all the issues when all you want is to access your data!

Good luck those of you more determined than I.

If you are interested in Nextcloud, have a look here:

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