Webserver not accessible - 403 Request forbidden

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Webserver not accessible - 403 Request forbidden

Post by csteinhilber » Sat Apr 04, 2020 6:28 am

Hoping this is simple.

I have an old TS-439, running QTS 4.2.6 (2020/01/09). It's been running my PLEX server for a number of years, but I finally moved that to a new NAS.
I cleaned the 439 off, and wanted to get the webserver running as a development environment (local LAN only).
I removed PLEX and a couple of other apps, enabled the Webserver in Control Panel, restored it to default configuration just to start fresh, but still, whenever I try visiting port :80 in a browser from my desktop, I get:

Code: Select all

Error response
Error code 403.

Message: Not Serving Client

Error code explanation: 403 = Request forbidden -- authorization will not help.
I've poured through all the settings I can find in the QTS, including the Allow/Deny list, user permissions, shared folders, nothing seems out of the ordinary. The "guest" user, which I assume the Webserver uses, does not appear anywhere, but I gather that's typical.

Found a couple of posts about updating the apache.conf to use "Options FollowSymLinks", restarted/reloaded the apache service several times, nothing seems to help.

Anyone have any pointers, or is there a way to basically factory reset everything in QTS back to defaults (including conf files)?


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Re: Webserver not accessible - 403 Request forbidden

Post by Xorer » Sun Apr 05, 2020 10:58 pm

Hello, having the same problem runing TS-873 Firmware

You don't have permission to access /AVIReport/ on this server."

Don't know if it generates from the same origin.
A Web server was intended on local network to accommodate files locally, linked from the internet by application.
Virtual host Enabled, port 80 directory /WEB/AVIReport host: AVIReport

AVIReport folder is also shared and I have full access to it as mapped network drive \\192.168......\AVIReport\

What could be the reason it won't let me access to the server?

Please Help.
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