Moving Virtualization Station (VMs) Folder across storage pools

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Moving Virtualization Station (VMs) Folder across storage pools

Postby Porky » Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:53 am

Hi *,
A few months ago I purchased a QNAP TS673 & installed some VM's (Windows Boxes).
This weekend I upgraded the QNAP with an M2 Card + QNAP M2 PCI SSD adapter.
Before the upgrade I moved the Virtualisation Station App from the JBoD (Storage 2) to the Raid 1 (Storage 1)
All appeared well.
I carried out the upgrade & reconfigured (deleted the existing JBoD Volume & recreated) the JBoD so that the M2 card would work with the Qtier Auto Tiering (all quite exciting)
Upon returning to move the Virtualisation Station App back to Storage 2, I no longer had the option to move it. So I considered moving the folder using 'File Station' and that appeared to work.
Starting the Virtualisation Station, I was not surprised but the disk location was lost. So in the VM Storage configuration I then clicked the browse icon to reconnect to the new location.... but although I could navigate to the new location, the .img file was not to be found.
Before going potty I have two questions, the first one is
i) Where could the .img file be? &
ii) Does the 'File Station' App, just create a link pointer and the data remains on the original volume or does it move all data of a shared folder?

I guess I am at the point where I will have to reinstall the VMs from the beginning (Here I wish I had had a backup)
I look forward to your suggestions & recommendations,
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Re: Moving Virtualization Station (VMs) Folder across storage pools

Postby Trexx » Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:31 am

I think your better way of moving them is doing a Backup/Restore in VS on them. I believe that will easily allow you to change the VM location at that point.

Please spell out how you have your different m.2's (internal & QM2 card) layout out (#, read vs. read-write, qtier, etc.).

In terms of moving the app (QPKG) that only moves the VS app itself, it doesn't move the VM"s (img files). If your img files were on the JBOD, and you didn't manually move them (or have backups) prior to deleting/recreating the JBOD, they are gone.

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