Ragic Ver 2.8.0 release notes

Ragic is the flexible cloud database for businesses. Users can build their own database applications that fit perfectly to their own business with no programming knowledge as if they were creating a spreadsheet, or install from tons of fully customizable database app templates.
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Ragic Ver 2.8.0 release notes

Post by berrinsun » Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:16 am

[New Features]
- Dynamic Filters: You can now configure "Dynamic Filters" on Link & Load fields to filter options based on values in other sheets for faster data entry.
- Moving subtables: Subtables can now be moved with drag and drop in the design mode.
- Mass updating records: You can now do mass updates for one or more fields under a filter at once.
- Linking from subtable to new sheets: Create a link for your subtable rows, which will take you to the actual entry in your sheet that was generated from this subtable.
- Hidden field attribute: You can now hide fields on your forms for constants and other uses.
- Populate empty autogenerate fields: You can now automatically populate values for empty autogenerate fields within Ragic in the design mode.
- Filtering and sorting in subtables: After popular demand, our developers have implemented the ability to use filters from subtable headers, and sort your subtable records.
- Date fields with time formatting now display a time picker: You can now easily pick a time through the time picker if your date field has a time format applied.
- Translate Ragic into your own Language: Ragic now gives you the opportunity to translate the user interface into your own language so that it would be easier for your users to navigate.
- It's now possible to use link & load for multiple sets: You can now use link & load for multiple sets of data, from the same source sheet in your database design.
- New linking type: Convert Records.

- Full text search supports special characters: Full text search now supports searches that include "@" and "." characters to ensure easier search for e-mails and URLs.
- Updates to comparison operators for formulas: Our developers have now added support for the comparison operators "<>", and "=".
- Recent changes sheet now displays database design changes: You can now view all recent database changes from your Account Setup in the "Recent Changes" menu.
- Link & load auto repopulation: The option "Keep Loaded Value Sync with Source" for fields with link & load was added by our developers by popular demand.

[Fixed Issues]
- Bugs Fixed

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