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Ragic Ver 3.1.0 release notes

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:43 am
by berrinsun
[New Features]
- User Preferences Panel. Users can now change their personal profile information and preferences from a centralised location.
- Publish to the web. A new method to share your data, the publish to the web feature allows you to share a link for others to be able to download or access your data as .xlsx, .csv or .json files.
- New feature: Update Values. Save time by adding an action button to your sheet to execute a record update for multiple fields. Best used for repetitive actions in your workflow.
- New feature: Calendar Report. Create a Calendar Report that perfectly shows your schedule based on date fields in your database sheet.

- Linked fields now support full-text search. Full-text search now supported for linked fields, allowing users to search for the linked sheet contents faster.
- Additional access right settings for bulletin and survey users. System administrators can now configure additional access right settings to block create or edit rights for bulletin & survey users.
- Design mode update: Form Tools. As we add more features to our design mode, we want them to be more organized and easier to find. Therefore we added a new "Form Tools" button in the design mode for you to find all the design tools you need easily.

[Fixed Issues]
- Bugs Fixed