Ragic Ver 3.2.0 release notes

Ragic is the flexible cloud database for businesses. Users can build their own database applications that fit perfectly to their own business with no programming knowledge as if they were creating a spreadsheet, or install from tons of fully customizable database app templates.
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Ragic Ver 3.2.0 release notes

Post by berrinsun » Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:53 am

[New Features]
- Insert Font Awesome Icons with BBCode. You can now use the [fa] BBCode to insert Font Awesome icons in your text fields.

- Add default number, money, and date formats. You can now change the global default number, money, and data formats for your Ragic account.

- Set your company's time zone. You can now set your Company's Local time zone, as well as the daily workflow execution time.

- Set conditional formatting to fields. You can now set field labels or values to have different colors with conditional formatting

- Populate empty default values. It's now possible to populate empty default values through the Design Mode.

- History Analyzer. The new History Analyzer tool lets you view changes made in previous design versions.

- Quick Add. Quickly add new entries from your listing page.

- Import your file from a URL. You can now keep records on your Ragic sheet in sync with a source file hosted online.

- Using variables to update values. Variables can now be used to set values in your database with the "Update Values" custom action button.

- Using Publish to the Web with Google Sheets. We had some questions on using "Publish to the Web", click for an example on Google Sheets!

- Customize temporary e-mail login notifications. You can now customize the subject and the content of your e-mail notification for temporary e-mail login notifications.

- Additions to E-mail this entry. Include Excel attachments and mail merge while e-mailing entries, view & reply to e-mails through the e-mail history.

- Images displayed with BBCodes can now be resized. A "width x height" parameter has been added to our img BBCode.

- Web embed form is now more mobile-friendly. We improved the web embed form to become more mobile friendly for easier data input.

- Zapier Integration added to Tools panel. Use Zapier to connect Ragic to your other web apps.

- Previewing files on the right panel. Hovering on certain file types uploaded in file upload fields will allow you to preview them within the right panel.

[Fixed Issues]
- Bugs Fixed

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