Ragic Ver 3.3.0 release notes

Ragic is the flexible cloud database for businesses. Users can build their own database applications that fit perfectly to their own business with no programming knowledge as if they were creating a spreadsheet, or install from tons of fully customizable database app templates.
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Ragic Ver 3.3.0 release notes

Post by berrinsun » Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:28 am

[New Features]
- Tasks in Ragic. The task icon at the upper-right corner of your account will show users the tasks that are needed to be done.

- Formulas can be applied as a default value. The new "Interpret as formula" option below the default value box will have Ragic calculate your default value as a formula.

- WORKDAY, NETWORKDAYS, and NETWORKDAYS.INTL Formulas. New formulas implemented to help calculate the number of working days.

- Triggering formula recalculation on related sheets. New configuration triggers formula recalculation on all related sheets, or parent sheets.

- Adding field borders. Add field borders to the field header and/or value from the Styles tab in the design mode.

- NEW Quick Templates. You can now pick one of the quick templates while creating a new sheet.

- NEW Field Type: Checkbox. An icon will be shown instead of selection options with the new checkbox field type.

- Calculate Total. Use calculate total to get a quick total of filtered numeric values in your listing page.

- Embedding Reports. You can now embed your reports on your website.

- Grouping Report. The long-awaited Grouping Report has been added!

- Add Custom CSS to embedded forms. Customize your embedded forms by adding custom CSS.

- Global Constants. Configure global constants that you can refer to with text shortcuts in formulas and Javascript workflow

- Configure Notifications for a Shared View. You can now toggle a setting to receive notifications only from records that are in a shared view

- User interface enhancements. We've made some user interface enhancements to our account homepage and sidebar, and will be adding more exciting features under the new design.

- Link & Load — added support for linked fields. Support for adding "linked field" on source sheet as a "loaded field" to destination sheet.

- Automatically execute "Update record on another sheet". A setting was added to toggle the action button created with "update record on another sheet" allows the action to be run automatically when saving.

- Configuration for supervisors on approval flow. Set a hierarchy in your user info to unlock users' supervisors to approve steps in the in-built approval flow.

- Additional barcode types supported. You can now set the barcode field to generate even more barcode types including a QR code.

- Pivot Table Report - Hide zero values. You can now toggle an option to display a blank space instead of "0"s.

- Re-send verification e-mail for temp users. You can now manually re-send verification e-mails for temporary users.

[Fixed Issues]
- Bugs Fixed

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