Azure Backup - Versioning

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Azure Backup - Versioning

Post by barrie.elliott » Thu May 25, 2017 6:38 pm

Does not appear that anyone can give a solid answer to this.

Basically, Azure blob storage allows you to save single revision backups via the QNAP Azure app, updated using incremental backups after the initial full backup has been performed.
Synology, using the same method also allows multiple versions or smart versioning, so you can restore back to a certain point.

So using the Azure App for the QNAP, unless I'm missing something, can you do multiple versioning to azure without running multiple backup jobs?
This would mean that the QNAP would have to keep track of the indexing or have its own filing in the blob that it can understand the versioning.

So would be a good idea to have a versioning to Azure via the QNAP if its not currently possible.

Scenario, you have no local backup, your Azure backup is daily and you get hit by CryptoLocker.
You don't see this till the next day and your backup has run to schedule.
As this backup has uploaded and replaced the existing Azure backup files, you cannot now recover as only one version of you data exists.

So what is the point in having a cloud backup that get overwritten.
If you can do this using local and remote storage using RTRR and backup versioning, you simple could add the same indexing method or recovery method to Azure App.
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