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Backup Job Setup: Error: Destination folder not empty

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:25 pm
by MrQuake

I have created some baclup jobs to backup data with Hybrid backup with openshift contgainers.

Basicaly, i have now 2 root containers, and I don't know why, qnap is no more able to backup files, even if authentication is fine, i have no information in logs.
Root_1 with 90GB data
Root_2 with 2Gb data
I want to merge the 2 containers: moving data from Root_1 to Root_2.

I went into swift console and process the move of the data.

Now, when I go back to HybridBackup, and editing the jobs backuping to Root_1, and update it with Root_2, qnap told me Destination Folder is not empty.

Is there a way to force the edtition (command line) because it should be the backup tool, to check the diff between local data and cloud data, if existing, skip it (same cheksum), if not, updating/overwritting.

As it is 90Gb data, tooks me months to get uploaded, I want to avoid to restart uploding from scracth

So, is there a way to edit the conf file of the backup job with an existing not empty destination folder, as it is not possible with th GUI web interface?

Many thanks

Re: Backup Job Setup: Error: Destination folder not empty

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:04 am
by rigogs
Sure would be nice to see a way around this--a simple "yes overwrite files" option would be good. Just had to start close to 400GB transfer into new cloud container because software is designed to "not overwrite files", is's insane!