AWS Glacier for the home user. Questions

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AWS Glacier for the home user. Questions

Post by Dilshan » Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:36 pm

Hey guys. I was looking at using AWS glacier as part of my backup solution. The files I will be backing up will be a mixture of home photos and videos totalling around 400gb but is rapidly expanding by the day (my partner videos our kids constantly :) ).

My plan is to use HBS 3 to backup to a glacier vault. When I was reading the pricing guide on the amazon website, I can see that both to upload and download incurs an upload and download request fee. Does it make more financial sense to compress the file into a single file rather than be charged high fees more noncompressed multiple files? I can see that HBS 3 has a deduplication option (QudeDup) but this is not recommended for video files. Is there another option for my scenario?

The last question is regarding security. I have set some restrictions to only allow my LAN side to access my NAS. Does anyone know how to setup access to AWS (i.e port forwarding etc).

Thanks in advance.

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