S3 Plus with S3-Compatible (Red Hat ceph)

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S3 Plus with S3-Compatible (Red Hat ceph)

Post by mbehnkeac » Tue Feb 19, 2019 5:09 pm

I am using ceph for a 0.5 PB georedundant storage archive. Our Cluster provides User Accounts on a Tenant Level and Bucket are owned by an special provisioning-user.
Tests with an null-Tenant work fine. But in my usecase it is not an business option. Other s3-Backup Software works fine with https://s3.edu-technical.de/TENANT:USER .
Yes this use-case use BIG Letters and ":" colon.

My Version of s3 plus: 1.2.420
QNAP: 4.6

Where i can contribute to this addon?
Minimum Requirements: ":" collon is allowed (It is absolutly nescessary)
Alternativly (luxery): you can enter your tenant
Recommendation: BIG-Letters are allowed for S3-compatible Buckets

Tools can work with: s3 Browser, DELLEMC Isilon, cyberduck, Hitachi Vantera, ...

One step further there are more issues with buckets not owned by the acting user using qnap and s3 on ceph:
the master ceph documentation is further more using tenants resulting in usage of $ and ":" colon
May be presignedURLs are a solution
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