Hybrid backup Sync error naming rules

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Hybrid backup Sync error naming rules

Postby paolo.martella » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:30 pm


I am using Hybrid Bakcup Sync to backup my folders to OpenDrive Cloud.
I got several errors like:
[CloudBackupSync] (Backup) job [Backup Open drive 2] cannot upload file /share/Documenti/Comune/Fotografie/2005/2005_07_02_Courmayeur/Immagine 041.jpg because the path is invalid. Please check the naming rules and retry again

The strange thing is that with files;
/share/Documenti/Comune/Fotografie/2005/2005_07_02_Courmayeur/Immagine 040.jpg
/share/Documenti/Comune/Fotografie/2005/2005_07_02_Courmayeur/Immagine 041.jpg

the backup works properly.

Please could you help me in finding where the problem is?



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