HBS3 syncs file only partially - WebDav->NAS

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HBS3 syncs file only partially - WebDav->NAS

Post by Andreas Quandt » Tue Nov 03, 2020 12:25 am

... the following scenario.
A file arrives on an FTP server every few minutes. Our NAS (TVS-1282T) fetches the files on the local storage via WebDav every 5 minutes and uses HBS3 for this.
It is an active sync that moves the files from the WebDav to the NAS. So the files on the WebDav are deleted when the synchronization is finished.
The problem now is that the upload to the FTP / WebDav storage device (the files come from an IP camera) and the download to the NAS seem to get in the way. HBS3 is also likely to download files that have not yet been fully uploaded.
So how do I get HBS3 to only download complete files and only transfer incomplete files with the next sync when they are then completely uploaded?

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