GCS from the UK.

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GCS from the UK.

Postby desnap » Thu May 18, 2017 2:08 am

OK, so I've logged into the Google Cloud Console and I've selected the Storage->Browser page from the left-hand menu.

I can see these two panels:



All I want to do is create a new bucket to test out the QNAP cloud backup options on my TS-453-Pro.

However, what I see is an invitation to "Sign up for the free trial to start using Cloud Storage". When I had previously used this option, I could not sign-up because of some restrictions around collecting VAT in the UK - I want to use GCS as an individual and have no business through which to manage VAT.

See here https://cloud.google.com/free/docs/frequently-asked-questions
I'm located in Europe and would like to try out Google Cloud Platform. Why can't I select an Individual account when registering?

In the European Union, Google Cloud Platform services can be used for business purposes only. Business status means that you'd like to see a potential economic benefit from your development activities, for example: using the Google Cloud Platform to develop prototypes or applications with a goal of generating revenue in the future. Most software developers (including affiliates, sole traders, self-employed merchants, partnerships, students and others) use Google Cloud Platform for business purposes.

Note: If you are located in the European Union and the sole purpose for which you want to use Google Cloud Platform services has no potential economic benefit you should not use the service. If you have already started using Google Cloud Platform, you should discontinue using the service. See Create, modify, or close your billing account to learn how to disable billing on your projects.
Google can't give advice about VAT. So if you have a question about VAT registration, contact your tax advisor or revenue commissioner.

So how do I avoid the 'free trial'. There seems to be now way to get around this wizard and just create a bucket, which I am happy to pay for?

Ideas, face-slaps gratefully accepted :?
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