QGD-1600P - VLAN Tagged and LAG

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QGD-1600P - VLAN Tagged and LAG

Post by joedr » Sun Jun 06, 2021 4:35 am

Dear Forum members,

Looking to sort a situation where Tagged VLAN is not enable after enabling LAG on such ports. I had it working and stopped working after adding a fourth VLAN.

Here are the details:

1. There were 3 VLANs : 10, 107, and 1. They were both working fine. I had various ports that were untagged to 107 and 10 function properly thru a LAG trunk on ports 13 and 15.
2. I am uplinking ports 13 and 15 up to another switch and were working fine. See attached picture that the "T" symbols on ports 13 and 15 were grey instead of dark blue.
3. I tried to add a fourth VLAN 477 and would not let me tag it to the new VLAN because the ports are used on a LAG.
4. I deleted the LAG and I was able to tag the fourth VLAN. Up to this point, it was working without the LAG.
5. After adding VLAN 477, I enabled the LAG on ports 13 and 15 but the VLANs that were tagged (10, 107 and 477) were removed and broke passing these VLANs to the switch.
6. I had to remove the LAG between ports 13 and 15 to be able to tag VLANs 10, 107 and 477 for it to work.

The end result is that I cannot pass tagged VLANs while enabling LAG. I used to have it working but some how there seems to be an additional step after enabling LAG that removes the tagged VLANs.

Anyone experiencing this? Any work around?


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