TVS-h1688x with QuTS Hero hangs on reboot/shutdown

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TVS-h1688x with QuTS Hero hangs on reboot/shutdown

Post by piggyrat » Sun Jun 13, 2021 10:34 pm


Has anyone experience hangs on shutdown/reboot of QUTS Hero.

I have TVS-h1688x with QuTS Hero (h4.5.3.1670 2021/05/15).

I have open a case with QNAP but they seem to be ignoring it and blaming the hangs on Plex.

I do use the following apps on the unit:
Plex (this has been disabled and the hangs still occurred).
Virtual Station

I think there is another issue but I only notice the hangs on reboot/shutdown. The hangs does not always occur and sometime I can tell when it will occur if one of the above apps starts to misbehave (ie VM loses network some network connectivity, rsync from HBS does not finish). The only think that seems to be consistence is HD lights are blink if there was heavy activity. From what I can tell, activity should be at a minimum.


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