TS-251A HDDs act strange and device resetted itself

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TS-251A HDDs act strange and device resetted itself

Post by Marei » Wed Sep 21, 2022 3:34 am

Hi there,

I have a strange problem I can't figure out and even worse I'm confused how to investigate the issue.

I have a QNAP TS-251A device and configured my HDDs to work with Raid-1.

It started a couple of weeks ago that my 2 HDDs got very noisy clicking (and beeing busy?). I think it happend for a couple of hours. The Qmanager Android App couldn't connect to the NAS so I decided to turn the system off to look later for the problem.
When I restarted the NAS later the HDDs began to click noisy again. Connection via App or Browser was still not possible.

After a while I had the idea one HDD could be have an issue so I first removed one HDD and started the NAS and did later the same with the other single HDD. In both cases the system started and started and asked me to setup my NAS the first time. So somehow the device seems to be resetted itself. All conguration and users are gone.

The data on my HDDs is still there after reconnecting the share folder. A first look doesn't show any issue with the HDDs while there is only on HDD pluged into the device.

When i shutdown the NAS plugin both HDDs and start the NAS, the noisy clicking again begins and the App and the Browser are not able to connect to the NAS.

So what could be a possible issue with my system and how can I figure it out and fix it? I'm out of ideas what to look for in the internet currently. I would like to have my Raid-1 setup back working smoothly without loosing my data. I have a third HDD with daily backups as well but I didn't check so far if the Backup is ok or corrupted somehow.

Any help is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re: TS-251A HDDs act strange and device resetted itself

Post by FSC830 » Wed Sep 21, 2022 3:58 am

A NAS is not like a PC to pull and push disks "just for fun"!
Also a raid is not a backup!

If the disks have been really configured as raid1, then NAS starts with a single disk out of these two.
The raid is "degraded" but data is accessible.
But when inserting the missing disk and pulling the first one without waiting for the resync the two disks are de-synced!

Not sure, what and in which sequence you did such pull and push, you may be damaged your configuration doing such weird things.
First you should check your backup prior doing any further activities at the NAS!


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Re: TS-251A HDDs act strange and device resetted itself

Post by Marei » Fri Sep 23, 2022 6:49 pm

Thanks for your reply FSC830

Yes my Raid is very likely desynced now from what you describe.

But the Push and pull action was a thing to investigeate the error that happend before: noisy clicking sound of HDDs, connection to the NAS was not possible.
Because the connection to the NAS was not possible and I had no clue what is the cause for all this. So it was already in a broken state before.

So your guess is that my raid was degraded, which means one of the HDDs could be damaged? Even so everythings seem to be ok with the single HDD "test".

I'll look into the backup disk and then see what I can figure out about my NAS beeing degraded.

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