[Antivirus] Failed to update virus definitions. Update definitions manually, or try again later.

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Re: [Antivirus] Failed to update virus definitions. Update definitions manually, or try again later.

Post by UNIVAC » Fri Nov 20, 2020 2:33 am

OK, So I submitted a ticket and QNAP had a look at my TS-219P+. In my case, there's good news and bad news.
The good news is that QNAP correctly identified that my NAS was running out of memory (RAM & swap). As a workaround, QNAP suggested stopping as many services as I could and then re-running the AV download. I was able to disable/stop enough services, reboot and have about 772MB of RAM & swap available, out of a 1021MB usable RAM and swap (the TS-219P+ is delivered with 512MB RAM). The AV download then took about 5.75 hours to run; I tracked the memory usage periodically and it sure was doing a lot of swapping! At the worst point, I was down to just under 100MB of free memory. Anyhow, the AV download and DB update went to completion and a subsequent AV scan ran fine. I then re-enabled/started the services I had previously disabled/stopped, and rebooted.
And for the bad news:
1. A subsequent run of the AV download failed just as before so, in my case, this issue is a limitation of memory. Going forward, I will have to temporarily stop select services and perform the AV download process manually.
2. I searched these forums on the TS-219P+'s upgradeability re: RAM and swap, plus I queried QNAP about that. The RAM cannot be upgraded. More swap can be configured but QNAP advised me that the configuration would need to be done after every reboot (I didn't confirm that in my QNAP forum search).
Oh well, I've had my TS-219P+ for 8.5 years now and it's worked flawlessly for my little home network, so I can't really complain especially since it's just going out of support at the end of this year. I plan to upgrade to a newer QNAP NAS within the next year.

I hope this helps out someone else,


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Re: [Antivirus] Failed to update virus definitions. Update definitions manually, or try again later.

Post by blake » Fri Nov 20, 2020 5:10 am

@Univac: Thank you very much. Stopping services then doing the update worked for my TS-219P+ too, although in my case the update only took about an hour. I'm running a full scan now, but I expect that once I've restarted my services, auto download of the AV file will fail, as in your case. Like you. I've been running my TS-219P+ for quite a few years with no serious hiccups, so I'm not too troubled.

A more serious issue for me is that although Windows 10 machines which have existed on my network for some time can see and interact with the TS-219P+, a new Windows 10 machine recently added to my network can't see or access the TS-219P+ at all. This appears to be a known problem with older QNAP NAS units that don't support QTS 4.3.4 or later, as explained in https://www.qnap.com/en/how-to/faq/arti ... sion-1709/ although I don't understand why the older Windows 10 machines still work with my QNAP NAS since all of my Windows 10 machines get regular updates.

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Re: [Antivirus] Failed to update virus definitions. Update definitions manually, or try again later.

Post by chalk » Sun Nov 29, 2020 5:23 am

Thank you very much @Univac!

for my 119PII stopping services wasn't enough to allow the update to complete for whatever reason. However, I monitored the RAM consumption by the freshclam process during the update and it really takes up a lot. I am wondering if there might be a bug in the updater. The update worked fine until earlier this year and only then failed constantly. Moreover, the manual update by downloading the cvd file to my computer and importing it to the QNAP by using the web interface works without any issues. I hope QNAP will further monitor your issue report and hopefully resolve it with an update before year's end when the update service is terminated for my NAS.

Thanks again!


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