Xopero installation

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Xopero installation

Post by Xopero_team » Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:38 pm

Hello everyone.
Today we have for you, short turorial, how to install Xopero package on your QNAP devices.

**System requirements

Xopero support all x86 QNAP devices with QTS 4.0 or higher operating system.

**Installation process

The Xopero software is installed through a .qpkg package, which is available for download on the provider’s website.
After downloading the package, you need to log in to the QNAP panel via a web browser, and then run the App Center. The next step is to select the Install button, and indicate the previously downloaded .qpkg file which contains Xopero software.


After indicating the package and clicking on Install, the application will ask if you are sure that you want to install the software package, you should confirm this operation by clicking OK.


After confirming the message the process of installing Xopero on a network drive will begin.



The system will inform you when the installation is complete. A new application will appear in the App Center.


During the installation of software on your QNAP device an automatic data storage will be created, which is space on which the user data will be saved and transmitted using the Xopero application.

ImageAutomatic data storage is created only if were left default settings of the login and password of the QNAP administrator. Otherwise, the whole procedure must be performed manually.

The automatic data storage adjusts its size to the available QNAP disk space. In 10 minutes intervals the amount of available QNAP disk space is checked, and then to this value the size of the store is set. With this solution, the available storage space is equivalent to the available disk space.

ImageAlthough automatic data storage will take all the available disk space as its size, it does not occupy this space in a physical way, until files are being uploaded on it.

The user has the possibility to declare an unrestricted number of storages - manual or automatic. For more information about creating a storage check the Xopero Management Center User Manual avalibe in Xopero Control panel after package instaling.

**First logging in to the Control panel

After a successful installation of Xopero it is possible to log in to the Control panel, where you are able to download the Client applications and you can control the state of the Xopero service, which is responsible for the correct operation of the software.


In order to log into the Control panel, run the App Center from the QNAP panel, and then click the Open button located next to the Xopero application. In a new tab window will display login form to the Control panel and the options to download the Managment Center application.


After download of Managmet Center application and instalation it, follow steps in first run wizard wich will guide you through the basic settings of Xopero system.

Image Default User name and Password for Mannagment Center and Control panel is admin.

**Known issues

In legacy version of QTS system was used different directory naming. It cause that for QNAP updated from this version to version supported by Xopero, there are noticed some installation problems. If you use such QNAP devices, contact with us, we will help you with the installation.

And that is all, I hope you will found this tutorial helpful.

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