Feedback for the folks at Xopero

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Feedback for the folks at Xopero

Post by kelv1n » Sun Sep 22, 2019 1:07 am

Hey Xopero

I know you periodically visit the QNAP forum, so I just wanted to leave some feedback on Xopero Pro - The products current layout is just unintuitive.

1) After installation of any other backup product, it usually displays the management console, with options for accessing wizards such importing Servers, creating a scheduled backup. Xopero immediately presents a convoluted "Wizard", which asks the Admin to setup a user, then select associated devices, then download the agent - None of these steps are relevant for a Server or VM backup. (At minimum, this Wizard should be intuitive enough, to ask my use case and then run through the appropriate steps)
2) The "User" I created in the step above, was configured as an "Admin", yet the user could not log into the Management Center.
3) I found it impossible to add an ESXi or vCenter server. First its not immediately clear how to add a device, but eventually when clicking around I found the "Templates", but the only option available was "Local"

After 30 minutes, I have clearly failed to understand how Xopero is meant to work and uninstalled it. As an IT Manager, I'm experienced and ugly enough figure out most software, but this I just had to give up on. Thankfully my testing was for personal use, but how many business-customers are experiencing, and your losing potential business due to this initial complexity. This isn't meant as criticism, just my honest feedback.

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Re: Feedback for the folks at Xopero

Post by MJaenichen » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:50 pm

XOPERO does it's job (creating a backup from a workstation).
I agree, the usage is not intuitive.
Also updates of either client or server might break if not both updated. Backup failed.

But what I really dislike is email Reports
1) they are HTML
2) they include external links
3) they are sent via a XOPERO owned Listserver (!?). I have not found the way how to configure it to only use our company's internal mailsystem.

And while I am not sure if this ia a bug, the MailSetup, does not save the setting to provide an own sender's address.


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