What have you done to NFS?

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What have you done to NFS?

Post by Gelfin » Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:34 am

Ever since upgrading to 4.3, NFS has been ridiculously unreliable. Permissions on files change at random, denying access on a daily basis. The Mac clients are most regularly affected, but Linux clients are also affected, though less frequently. I tried turning off NFSv4 on the NAS (which doesn’t work correctly on the Mac clients anyway, at least without more fight than I’ve been willing to put up), so all my clients are on the same version, but that didn’t help anything. It’s driving me crazy because I’ve got automated tasks I’ve had to hand-hold for weeks because at any moment I will start getting random permissions errors on files that I was able to access with no problem just seconds earlier, and which haven’t been touched and still have correct permissions if I view them on the NAS itself.

This was all totally stable, to the point I never even thought about it, until I upgraded to 4.3, and then it turned into a disaster I am having to fight with on a practically daily basis. I’ve been religiously installing every update in case you fixed something, but it’s getting me nowhere.

WTF happened to NFS?

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Re: What have you done to NFS?

Post by constvoid » Sat Apr 20, 2019 5:01 pm

Yes NFS is unreliable on the later releases. Based on previous posts on this forum I backed out to build 20181228, which seem to be the last stable release. I occasionally look to see if the more recent release notes mention anything about fixing this, but until I do I don't think I will speculatively install a new version.

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