NFS share for NVR

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NFS share for NVR

Post by Mr_Eee » Fri Mar 05, 2021 5:18 am

Greetings all,
I'm attempting to setup a Hikvision (Linux based) NVR to use a shared folder on our works new 19" QNAP. Both devices are on a Lab LAN - 192.168.100.x where x is unique on the LAN.
The NVR says to ensure the fileshare is Linux compatible by using NFS, without specifying the version.
Anyway, I've turned on NFS v2/v3 and v4 services, then went in to the created network share 'NVR' and edited the permissions:-
192.168.100.*, no squashing, R/W access (I don't remember the exact wording, I'm home now)
As a result, the NVR when pointed at the QNAP IP address, shows up the correctly named folder when the 'search' button is pressed. The setup is then completed by highlighting the folder name and pressing OK.
The problem is that the NVR then shows up 'Mismatch', starts beeping and says the available storage is 0. It does however correctly show the QNAP capacity.
I know I'm mostly correct because without the permissions set as above, the NVR won't even show the QNAP share. I'd tried various combinations for the share permissions, initially focused on the exact IP of the NVR but realized that IP could change, so spread out the rule to the '*'
Any pointers for me to research next would be great - is it a misunderstanding on the shared folder NFS access rights?

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