Seagate - ST500DM002 - 500GB Support

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Seagate - ST500DM002 - 500GB Support

Post by adrezs69 » Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:41 pm

I already have 2 X Seagate - ST500DM002 - 500GB that were recently purchased for a customer.
I am planning on installing a TS-251+ for them, I would like to re-use the 2 X Seagate drives to minimise the cost to them.

I looked on the compatibility list for the TS-251+ and the Seagate - ST500DM002 - 500GB is NOT on the compatible list.

I then search on Hard Drive model and that hard drive is compatible with
TS-210TS-212TS-212-ETS-212PTS-219TS-219PTS-219P IITS-219P+TS-220TS-221TS-239 ProTS-239 Pro IITS-239 Pro II+TS-259 ProTS-259 Pro+TS-269 ProTS-269L

Does this mean I can't use the Seagate - ST500DM002 - 500GB wth the TS-251+


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Re: Seagate - ST500DM002 - 500GB Support

Post by Spider99 » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:31 pm

They are desktop drives - do not use them in a NAS - The seagate desktop drives have a long history of failure in QNAP Nas - e.g. search on ST2000DDM001 - ive had 12 - 8 have failed in NAS use - search the forums you will find many problem

Get NAS drives - the extra expense is worth it for less problems and longer warranty and the generally last long as they are rated for the work they will do in a nas

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Re: Seagate - ST500DM002 - 500GB Support

Post by schumaku » Sat Jun 18, 2016 5:33 pm

These Seagate desktop drives were commonly compatibility tested before the Seagate NAS drives became available - thus you won't find these listed on newer NAS models.

Even if the price must kept low - please stay far away from any vendor desktop drives (and then from any HDD vendor made OEM drives coming with virtually no HDD manufacturer warranty.

Annual TCO will be much higher not sticking with NAS drive variants - the longer warranty terms do easily pay back.

For these NAS models you intend to reply, Seagate NAS HDD are nice and reliable performers nowadays.


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