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ES2384dc unstable controllers

Posted: Fri Apr 09, 2021 11:21 pm
by rpasslow
Hi Everyone

Running 2.1.1 from Feb 2021, one network adapter on SCA stopped responding so went into HA and selected SCA and restart which triggered the takeover / giveaway to SCB.

Thats when it all came screaming to a halt.

All hosts have multipath to both controllers however as the unit fails over, the management interface on both SCA and SCB say "Failed to connect database" and will not progress the GUI login

When you ssh into SCB, there was a dirty takeover and pgsql is not ready.

I can restart the webserver service, however i cannot seem to start the PGSQL service, does anyone know how to start it?

I've emailed QNAP support, however, at this point there are > 150 guests running on SCB successfully, the other 180 on SCA are obviously down, is there any way to change controller ownership from the command line or has anyone hit this before?