QIOT Dashboard widget's settings will not persist?!?

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QIOT Dashboard widget's settings will not persist?!?

Postby brentbrooks » Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:52 am

After creating several Things in a single Application and defining my rules I wanted to display some sensor data on the dashboard. I added the QDashboard item to the Rule section and passed sensor data into it...this works great. But, if you modify the widget from the dashboard to a Sparkline, Text (with or without Sparkline) or Pointer or even change the unit, minimum or maximum fields they do not persist. If you share the widget, no matter what was configured when shared, it is always a Gauge with the Unit set to °C (degrees Celsius) and a min of 0 and a max 0f 3000. If the sensor data is declared as Temperature in the Thing configuration the min is -40 and max is 125 but always shows Celsius even if the resource of Thing was set to Fahrenheit.
More importantly, if you edit the widget by selecting edit on the top left of the dashboard, configure all the widgets with appropriate types, units, min, max, etc. and then click finished editing (again top right where the edit button was). It does not persist. if I log in from another device while it is still displayed correctly where the edits transpired everything was reverted to Gauges with incorrect units, min & max. If you refresh (clicking the refresh icon on the top right of the dashboard) all the settings revert to Gauges with °C as unit, 0 as min and 3000 as max (unless the Resource was set as Temperature then they are -40 & 125 respectively). Even if the Resource is set to Humdity the unit is °C. The same happens even if you switch from Dashboard to rules or things (on the same page) they revert when returning to the Dashboard itself.

I have included two pics that demonstrate this, the first one is the original configuration (the one it continuously reverts to) and the second is the way I would like it to appear.

Anyone else having an issue like this? Any suggestions?
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Re: QIOT Dashboard widget's settings will not persist?!?

Postby javerre » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:40 am

I have the exact same problem.
Sadly, it seems there's not really an active community using QIOT suite lite and very little support, as evidenced by nobody responding to your post. I guess we'll have to roll our own environment using container station :(

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