How to install pip and mqtt on arduino yun Rev 2

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How to install pip and mqtt on arduino yun Rev 2

Post by hungerbuehler » Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:55 pm

I tried to run the example to connect Arduino Yun with QIoT.
I used the following step by step intruduction: ... uite-lite/
In chapter 1.4 (Install development tools for your Arduino Yun), i have the following problems:

Information: I use the Arduino Yun Rev 2

opkg update ==> works fine
opkg install distribute ==> skipped, while Message display: "Unknown package 'distribute'"
opkg install python-openssl ==> works fine
easy_install pip ==> not working (i think, while distribute is not installed)
pip install paho-mqtt ==> not working (while pip is not installed)

- How can i install PIP on Arduino Yun Rev 2?

Many thanks

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