QNAP AI Core Facial Recognition (borderline disturbing by the way)

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QNAP AI Core Facial Recognition (borderline disturbing by the way)

Post by roastedbagel » Sun May 07, 2023 2:46 am

Since the other thread was ceremoniusly locked without addressing the root question, I'll repost here.

(please nobody post anything off topic such as "me too" otherwise it'll get locked like the other one)

Copy/pasting prior post because every single point raised echoes my concerns/needs.
I need to permanently disable the QNAP AI Core features of facial and object recognition. The Multimedia Console app apparently only allows you to pause it. I don't need the feature, it is taking forever to index everything on my very large storage pool and it will needlessly slow down the NAS for the features I do need, not to mention the disk space taken by the indexing. There MUST be a way to disable
Also, it's pretty alarming that QNAP is aggregating all this facial/object data and doing who knows what with it, all behind a black box.

Hell at least Google does all of this but is transparent with what they do with the data (and more trustworthy - which says a lot about qnap), but with this, it's just "oh cool take all of my private life's moments and people and children and hand it over to some country who's government isn't known to be the bastion of mindfulness around freedoms & privacy...

No, screw that. I want this crap off my box and have 0 affect on any other core services outside of pictures on the device.

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Re: QNAP AI Core Facial Recognition (borderline disturbing by the way)

Post by dolbyman » Sun May 07, 2023 5:46 am

Then disable facial recognition...unclear what your request is for

Use the features or don't.

Also..QNAP does not come here..so posting any "requests" will have no effect.

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