QHORA-301W - Slow Internet Download Speeds.

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QHORA-301W - Slow Internet Download Speeds.

Post by koy » Thu Apr 15, 2021 10:25 pm


So its been a long time since last posting on this forum site, way back when I bought my first Qnap product the TS-509 Pro which I still have btw! :DD

Anyhow I now own a QHORA-301W and all is working but I'm not getting my full download speeds with the this router either using DHCP mode and connected to my isp's router or using PPPoE .

Okay so I have BT, FTTP, 900. With the supplied BT Smart Hub 2 connected to the ONT box I get 925Mbps download consistently and 110Mbps upload and again this is consistently over ethernet cable.

I have tested the connection on the BT Home Hub with the WiFi switched off and all other lan ports disconnected other than the lan cable to the ethernet port on my laptops (tested on two separate laptops) and my speeds last night were 925Mbps Download and 110Mbps upload this was tested multiple times and stayed solid on every test.

Test carried out with the BT Smart Hub connected to the QHORA-301W and the QHORA-301W set in DHCP mode, again I switched off WiFi and unplugged all other lan cables from the router and using the same cables as I had just used in the previous test and also testing on two separate laptops I received anywhere ranging from 400Mbps to 550Mbps Download and 110Mbps upload this was tested multiple times with same results. For the first second of the test the speeds hit about 800Mbps then drops of rapidly (within a second) steadying around 400Mbps to 550Mbps.

I also updated the firmware from,, build 20210401, to the latest,, build 20210408, as I noticed a update was available and once this was done I carried out the test again. Unfortunately this didn't improve the download speeds after multiple tests.

I have tested the QHORA-301W with all the other options switched off like firewall, VPN but this also doesn't result in better speeds.

I feel the QHORA-301W bottlenecks for some reason something is pulling my download speeds down and there doesn't appear to be anyway to change this. I have also changed the MTU settings to 1500 and 9000 using DHCP but this didn't help. It doesn't appear possible to change the MTU settings in PPPoE mode to 1500 or 9000? The BT Smart Hub 2 however has its MTU set to 1500 in PPPoE mode but again this isn't possible with the QHORA-301W in PPPoE.

I have sent detail to support and waiting to hear back but was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same issue or may have a better understanding of maybe what is going on and would be able to offer some help and support.


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Re: QHORA-301W - Slow Internet Download Speeds.

Post by dkess » Thu May 06, 2021 7:05 am


I could test internet speeds only with DHCP WAN (1000/300 Mbps) and I could not experience any speed problems with latest fw. I made a factory reset after update the fw last time. I recommend to make a factory reset - maybe it can help.

I can get same internet speeds as I connected my PC directly to net. Sustained (e.g. 100 GB download) speeds are good as well. I can reach more than 900 Mbps via WiFi with cell phone (S10). Maybe I can try it with PPPoE gigabit internet as well. I hope Your problem will be solved soon.

Best regards,

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Re: QHORA-301W - Slow Internet Download Speeds.

Post by tim320 » Thu Jun 10, 2021 12:09 pm

I have the same issue,

I could consistently get 1100 MBIT down (1.1 GB) to 1.2 GB I have a cable mode that has a 2.5GB ethernet cable, and pay for 1.2GB speed.

Then sometime after updating to 1.5.x from 1.4.x My speed fluctuated between 600 MBIT to 800MBIT..

All my clients have 2.5 GB adapters, my machine has a 10GB adapter

Here is my network mapping:
Arris 33s cable modem (2.5GB port)--->Qhora-301w 10GB-1 WAN port---> 10GB-2 LAN Port--->10GB 8 port trendnet switch

From 10GB 8 port trendnet switch
| |
10GB 4 port sw 10GB switch in garage--------> to 2 2.5GB clients
My PC (10GB port)
Work PC (2.5 GB port)
4 Port 2.5 HUB--------------------------> QNAP NAS via 5GB (usb 3.0) adapter

All my ethernet drops consistently got between 1.1GB to 1.2 GB until recently which I can only associate with one of the recent firmware updates...

QNAP needs to investigate this and release a firmware update fast to fix as I have spent lots of money to get my network to be future proof and this router was the cheapest option short of going to an enterprise level router.

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Re: QHORA-301W - Slow Internet Download Speeds.

Post by dolbyman » Thu Jun 10, 2021 1:14 pm

open a ticket with them then ..posting here will do nothing

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Re: QHORA-301W - Slow Internet Download Speeds.

Post by tim320 » Thu Jun 10, 2021 11:34 pm

OK Manually updated to firmware and the issue is resolved.
- Note: Router did not detect this update fyi..

Per release notes:
[Issues Fix]
- The throughput of 10GbE port will reduce to 450Mb after the router joins QuWAN Orchestrator.
- When the device is in AP mode, 1GbE Port 1 - Port4 can’t work.
- QuWAN VPN tunnel can’t be built successfully.
- DDNS function can’t work normally.

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