[How To] Splunk Enterprise and Container Station

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[How To] Splunk Enterprise and Container Station

Post by yozz3r » Sun May 03, 2020 1:16 am

Hi, first time Qnap Forum, long time user... :DD

I have had trouble creating Splunk Enterprise inside Qnap Container Station, so I have created a short guide to help others out who may have the same issue.

I was receiving the error:-

ERROR: Couldn't read "/opt/splunk/etc/splunk-launch.conf" -- maybe $SPLUNK_HOME or $SPLUNK_ETC is set wrong?

Guide can be found here...https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_8v ... sp=sharing

Hope this helps :D


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Re: [How To] Splunk Enterprise and Container Station

Post by oyvindo » Sun May 03, 2020 4:56 am

That's a great Guide. Thanks for the effort.
I have a couple of comments/questions;
1. Not everyone may be familiar with Splunk, yet a lot of people may still have a need for a reporting tool. Why not add a a small prologue telling your readers briefly;
a) What Splunk is and why you chose Splunk over the many alternatives out there
b) What it is you wish to achieve by putting Splunk to work, features and benefits and results expected to be gained - once it's up'n'running.

2. Why do you advise users to add Docker Credentials to Container Station? You may have a perfectly good reason for doing so - but to me it's unclear. As far as I know, any available image in Docker HUB can be pulled and installed in Container Station without any need for registration (or am I wrong?). At least I have installed lots of apps from both Docker Hub as well as from Git HUB and I have never had to do any registration.

My point here is not so much whatever you choose to answer for #1 & #2 above, but more the fact that in my opinion, a "perfect" guide should not only explain how to do each step, but also explain why a step is required (It's the first rule of pedagogy).
Please don't misunderstand me - I seriously value your contribution and do indeed wish to encourage more people to do as you.

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