QNAP TS-251+ failure - need help

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QNAP TS-251+ failure - need help

Post by Andrewkha » Tue May 05, 2020 5:10 pm

Dear colleagues

I've got QNAP TS-251+ issue. Let me briefly explain what happen. Last night the fan started to be very noisy and the device started beeping, I also received a notification about the Fan HW failure, I have immediatelly shut down the device. Since it was late night I decided to have a look next day.
Today morning I opend the cover and removed all the dust from it. Then powered the device on. The fan works OK, however the device doesn't boot normally. When I power it on whithout HDDs installed, the USB LED shows solid blue and HDD1 LED shows solid RED, no other LEDs active.
I have connected the device directly to display via HDMI and after power on it stucks for about 5 mins with the message "Decompressing Linux.... Parsing ELF... done. Booting the Kernel". After 5 minutes it display the Disk Missing notice. Plugging/unplugging the disks makes no difference.

If I boot it up with HDDs installed, it behaves almost the same (the same LEDs are active) but after 'Bootong the Kernel" the Disk Missing screen doesn't show up. Just a black screen

So I have 2 questions:
1. Is there anything can be done to repair the device?
2. How can I copy the data from QNAP disks (no RAID was configured, just 2 separate disks) to my Windows PC?

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Re: QNAP TS-251+ failure - need help

Post by dolbyman » Tue May 05, 2020 8:23 pm

1. check for fimware recovery
2. with single disks you sureley must have had external backups..what was your plan in case of disk failure? (always have external backups)

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