[WARNING] New Cryptominer wave targeting QNAP devices

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[WARNING] New Cryptominer wave targeting QNAP devices

Post by dolbyman » Tue Mar 09, 2021 10:38 pm

A new cryptominer infection that obfuscates cleverly is making the rounds

https://blog.netlab.360.com/qnap-nas-us ... ur-system/

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Re: [WARNING] New Cryptominer wave targeting QNAP devices

Post by Mousetick » Tue Mar 09, 2021 11:05 pm

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Re: [WARNING] New Cryptominer wave targeting QNAP devices

Post by jaysona » Wed Mar 10, 2021 1:32 am

No surprise, this has been many, many months in the making and the signs have been there.

Typically these groups wait until the botnet reaches a certain size and then flips the switch and activates it.

I like this little tid-bit of info:
Disproportionately impacted are the 1.1 million QNAP NAS users within the United States (554,481) and China (550,465) – representing nearly 80 percent of total global infections, according to a recent mapping of QNAP devices visible online.
QNAP and Security appear to be polar opposites. :roll: :roll:
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