Issues about setting up a LAN network.

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Issues about setting up a LAN network.

Post by Knosenville2 » Sun Apr 11, 2021 7:49 pm

Hi, all Forum members!

I want to set up a LAN-network with link aggregation from my QNAP TS-653D-8G two 2.5 gb ports to the two 2.5 gb ports on a Netgear MS510TXPP switch and a connection from the 5 gb port on the switch to a adapter that supports this and connect the adapter to a thunderbolt 3 connection on a HP Thunderbolt-dock 230 W G2 which is connected to my HP ZBook 17 G6 laptop.
I wonder if this will work and what speed I will get between the NAS and the computer? I also need to know which adapters will support and function well between the switch and the docking station? It`s difficult to find information about this setup and if it will work properly. I need a fast backup solution for SolidWorks CAD-files and other related files.

Unfortunately I`m not so experienced or have good knowledge about setting up this kind of networks. I`m very grateful for all advises that can help me!
I have already purchased the Laptop, NAS and Switch but not the adapter. I don`t know if a adapter that support 5 gbs will be Ok for max speed or if I have to buy a 10 gbs adapter?

Please excuse my bad english, I am Swedish and not so used to writing in english.

Hope to see some useful information here soon!
Have a good time all QNAP users and others!

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