Showroom Policy- Please read this first!

Introduce yourself to us and other members here, or share your own product reviews, suggestions, and tips and tricks of using QNAP products.
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Showroom Policy- Please read this first!

Post by admin » Thu Aug 30, 2007 4:37 pm

This Showroom is open for you, as a QNAP product user, to share how you use your QNAP product in your home or office environment, or share your online photo album (Multimedia Station) or web page created by the Web Server. You are highly encouraged to share your pictures and illustrations by posting a URL link of your website or blog. You may also add the images directly to the post. However, please note that the images should not be too large for faster loading of the web page.

By posting your images to the forum, you agree to follow the QNAP Forum Policy strictly. You are NOT allowed to
  • post any spam messages
  • post any material that is knowingly false, misleading or inaccurate, or offensive
  • post any material that violates or infringes anyone's intellectual property rights (including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, publicity rights) or that is obscene, defamatory, racist, violent, harassing, profane or otherwise objectionable.
We reserve the right to remove the posts we consider offensive, indecent, malicious or, unrelated to the purpose of the Forum.
For the terms and regulations of the Forum, please click here.

Posting Tips:
Linking to another site
Add an image to a post
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