QTS 4.2.2 Build 20160812 release

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QTS 4.2.2 Build 20160812 release

Post by QNAPAlexW » Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:07 pm

QTS 4.2.2 (2016/08/12) official release:

Download links:



Release note:

[New feature]

Storage management:
- VJBOD host functions are now supported by the x89, x82, x80, x79, x71, x70, x63, x53, x51, IS-400 Pro series (with firmware 4.2.2. or newer).
- NAS models that support Storage Pools and iSCSI service with firmware 4.2.1 (or newer) can be used as a remote NAS for VJBOD. Refer to the product specifications for details.

Audio Alert (models with speakers):
- Added Voice Alert.

Smart Fan(x82 only):
- Added separate fan controls for system and CPU.

Volume Control (models with speakers)
- Added volume control options in the QTS desktop toolbar (TBS-453A and TVS-x82 series).

- Added Helpdesk.

File Station
- Added support for directly opening .eml files using QmailAgent in File Station.

Container Station
- Added bridge mode in Container Station (every container can have its own unique IP).


Virtualization Station 2.2
- Added support for automatically checking network connections and remote storage capacities of imported/exported VM in Virtualization Station.

[Known issue]

Back up
- The Container Station folder can only be backed up using Rsync when no containers are running. It is recommended to use the import/export feature in Container Station to back up containers.

Container Station
- Setup default folder of Contrainer Station on a VJBOD shared folder and reboot VJBOD would cause Container Station crash. Container Station v1.6 will not support VJBOD and filter out all VJBOD shared folders.

[Bug fixes]

- Fixed an issue where a remote target would attempt to automatically reconnect after it was manually disconnected.
- Fixed an issue where the VJBOD reconnection process on the host NAS would be stuck when changing the administrator’s password on the remote NAS.
- Fixed an issue where a subfolder could not be opened and displayed in the folder tree in File Station after enabling “Advanced Folder Permissions” for the subfolder’s parent folder.
- Fixed an issue where the status column would be cut off from the UI in Network and Virtual Switch if the interface name is too long.
- Fixed an issue where an incorrect iSCSI connection type would be displayed after deleting a VJBOD from a remote NAS.
- Fixed an issue where a duplicate iSCSI connection would be displayed after mounting a LUN.
- Fixed an issue where the Shared Folder, Users, and HD Station pages could not be opened using their shortcuts on the QTS desktop after opening and minimizing the Control Panel window.
- Fixed an issue where a duplicate Trunking Group would be displayed after removing a Trunking Group.
- Fixed an issue where the system would fail to authenticate using CHAP authentication if the CHAP password contains non-alphanumerical characters.
- Fixed an issue where the system would still display the previous Trunking mode after changing the Trunking mode in Network and Virtual Switch.
- Fixed an issue where File Station would fail to move all of the files from an NTFS-formatted external device to the NAS.
- Fixed an issue where File Station would be unable to stream videos to media players.
- Fixed an issue where Samba might crash after backing up a domain controller database.
- Fixed an issue where editing file permissions in File Station would fail (with a “Permission Denied” message).
- Fixed an issue where a Time Machine backup job would fail if the "save encryption key" option is disabled during the volume creation process.
- Fixed an issue where the system fan would keep rotating at a high speed after the CPU temperature decreases.
- Fixed an issue where a backup job (with the “Delete extra files” option enabled) would fail after deleting files in the source directory.
- Fixed an issue where the system would fail to detect mSATA drives after scanning disks for bad blocks.
- Fixed an issue where the NAS may reboot during an I/O test.
- Fixed an issue where CEC-enabled devices would fail after connecting a NAS to one of these HDMI devices.

Virtualization Station 2.2
- Fixed an issue where a Windows 10 VM would not start properly in Virtualization Station.


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