QNAP, Microsoft, and Paragon Software Release exFAT Driver for QNAP NAS

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QNAP, Microsoft, and Paragon Software Release exFAT Driver for QNAP NAS

Post by QNAPJason » Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:47 pm

Taipei, Taiwan, December 21, 2016 - QNAP® Systems, Inc. has teamed up with Microsoft® and Paragon Software Group to provide an official exFAT driver customized for QNAP NAS, allowing users to directly access the contents of exFAT-based storage.

Compared to the conventional FAT32 file system and its 4GB single file limit, the exFAT file system is optimized for fast and high-capacity flash memory such as SD cards and USB devices, and allows for files of up to 16EB.

"We are pleased to partner with QNAP on the technology solutions in network attached storage that will meet consumer needs in the 4K era and beyond," said Micky Minhas, Microsoft Vice President and Associate General Counsel.

"The exFAT file system is becoming increasingly popular for SD cards and other storage devices due to the limitations of FAT32. With the purchase and installation of the exFAT driver, our users can now directly access their exFAT-based storage using their NAS," said Ripple Wu, Product Manager of QNAP.

The exFAT driver is now available for purchase from the QNAP License Store for US$3.99.

Note: The exFAT driver can only be installed on QTS 4.3.0 (or newer). Models that do not support QTS 4.3.0 cannot use the exFAT driver. The X10, X12, X20, X21, TS-269H and other discontinued models do not support the exFAT driver. For more information, please visit https://www.qnap.com/solution/exfat_file_system/en/.


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