Turbo NAS 3.6.0 Beta Firmware

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Turbo NAS 3.6.0 Beta Firmware

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3.6.0 Build1228

[What's New]
- VPN Service (with OpenVPN and PPTP services)
- LDAP Server
- Photo Station
- Music Station (with web streaming and USB speaker support for local playback)
- QPKG Center (with revamped UI for easy online installation)
- MyCloudNAS 1.2 (with Email invitation and password reset functions)
- Enhanced Web File Manager (with public file sharing link feature and advanced upload function for over 2GB file
- Experimental Windows ACL (with Windows native user permission settings)
- Windows Utility: NetBak Replicator 4 with Email notification
- Windows Utility: QNAP Finder with iSCSI /Samba Plug & Play for easy connection
- Windows Utility: MyCloudNAS Connect for quick remote VPN connection
- (QPKG) Squid proxy server 3.1.16
- Add Multimedia Station, Photo Station, Music Station, Download Station, UPnP Media Server, and iTunes Server for TS-x79 series

- Added RTRR & Rsync bandwidth control
- Updated the built-in UPnP TwonkyServer to 6.0.38
- Added Surveillance Station camera support for the following new IP cameras: AXIS 241S, VIVOTEK IP8330, PZ7151/ 7152, Brickcom CB-100Ae, CB-100Ap, CB-102Ap, FB-100Ae, FB-100Ap, FD-100Ap, FD-130Ap, OB-100Ap, VD-130Ae, VD-100Ap, VD-130Ap, WCB-100AP, WFB-100Ae, WFB-100Ap

[Bug Fixes]
- HDD standby mode will be interruptted daily by UPnP router port forwarding service.

NetBak Replicator 4
QNAP Finder with iSCSI /Samba Plug & Play
MyCloudNAS Connect

SS-439Pro TurboNAS
SS-839Pro TurboNAS
TS-110 TurboNAS
TS-112 TurboNAS
TS-119/119P+/119P II TurboNAS
TS-210 TurboNAS
TS-212 TurboNAS
TS-219/219P/219P+/219P II TurboNAS
TS-239Pro TurboNAS
TS-239ProII+ TurboNAS
TS-239ProII TurboNAS
TS-259Pro/259Pro+ TurboNAS
TS-410 TurboNAS
TS-410U TurboNAS
TS-412 TurboNAS
TS-412U TurboNAS
TS-419P/419P+/419P II TurboNAS
TS-419U/419U+ TurboNAS
TS-439Pro TurboNAS
TS-439ProII+ TurboNAS
TS-439ProII TurboNAS
TS-439U TurboNAS
TS-459Pro/459Pro+/459Pro II TurboNAS
TS-459U/459U+ TurboNAS
TS-559Pro/559Pro+/559Pro II TurboNAS
TS-639Pro TurboNAS
TS-659Pro/659Pro+/659Pro II TurboNAS
TS-809Pro TurboNAS
TS-859Pro/859Pro+ TurboNAS
TS-859U/859U+ TurboNAS
TS-879Pro TurboNAS
TS-879U-RP TurboNAS

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