How to use setacl in command line (QNAP)

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How to use setacl in command line (QNAP)

Post by hassky » Wed Oct 13, 2021 9:38 pm


I have in my company a QNAP with the "setacl" configuration activated where I can see a announcement that say "the permissions could be manage via windows explorer". I have a LDAP server with a lot domain user who can enter via windows explorer to their folders or the folder where they have permissions to access but I can not enter or log in with the a administrator local user in the NAS.

Right now, I'm giving domain users one-to-one permissions via web on all folders and subfolders, but it's crazy, because these permissions are not cascaded. I access to NAS via ssh too but I don't know the steps or commands to administrate theses permissions by this way.

Some one can help me , please?

Thanks you very much and sorry for the incoveniences.

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