Malware Remover vs Antivirus

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Malware Remover vs Antivirus

Post by TECH1982 » Thu May 25, 2023 4:00 pm

Why do users favor scanning Antivirus's on a Windows PC (which would involve map share drive letter, and scanning over (slower network), then scanning directly on a NAS which would be always faster..

This thinking changes with Malware, because its "easier to scan malware on with Malware remover"

Why is this thinking good one way, and bad on the other? when both results are the same,, (a slow network) ?

eg.. there was a user in this forum running torrent client on a Nas (for convince obviously) and downloading and storing files so no need for windows client.. However 90% of the answers where to install an AV on the windows client and run .. I honestly cannot see why people would recommend scanning over a slow network in favor of internal drives ..unless perhaps the NAS apps are not as well equipped with features and scanning as windows PC's are...

Possibly also its running Linux, vs Windows, but i cannot see the problem there... If the AV app is question can scan exe files then it shouldn't matter what the OS is capable of right? as the OS (Linux on NAS) it's not scanning.. the AV is.

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Re: Malware Remover vs Antivirus

Post by diwiwi » Thu May 25, 2023 4:04 pm

Malware Remover will only search and remove malwares that are known to QNAP, and affecting QNAP devices.
It does not do anything for other kinds of malwares or virus.

There is not many options for antivirus on the NAS.
Likely why it may be better to run the antivirus on a computer.


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Re: Malware Remover vs Antivirus

Post by dosborne » Fri May 26, 2023 10:52 am

If every bit of every file that was read or written to the NAS passed through an antivirus scan on the NAS, performance would suffer greatly. The NAS doesn't "run" these files, so scanning on a PC is appropriate. The malware scanner looks for things that do run on and affect the NAS itself.

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