Qnap NAS165AE Odoo Addons

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Qnap NAS165AE Odoo Addons

Post by w.nadobnik » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:12 pm


I'm a new user of Qnap (NAS165AE ), and I'm seeking for an advice from people who use it to run Odoo ERP. I have Odoo installed as a container, and I'd like to install some addons. The instruction says, that I should first put my addon to a specific folder ("extra-addons"). But when I search for in in the Container folder, I realize that there are few folders with such name, all related to Odoo. Why is it so? How to tell in which one shall I put my addon? Further, when I try to put my addon in one of those folders, upload fails without any infromation on the reasons. Has anyone here experienced such a problem? I'd be grateful for a suggestion.

Best regards,
Wojciech Nadobnik

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