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No default gateway

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:54 am
by MushyMiddle
Hi. I originally posted this here, over a year ago, with no responses. Basically, on my otherwise fully operational TS253Be now running QTS Build 20210302, every time I reboot (e.g. for a firmware update), when the NAS comes up, it has no default gateway. That, despite the gateway being defined properly on the vSwitch. In the end, each time I reboot, I have to login via SSH, and:

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route add default gw br0
Yes, both interfaces are bonded - the bond is fine. In the UI, Network & Virtual Switch / Network / Interfaces shows None for System Default Gateway, with no possibility to define/select the gateway. When I click on System Default Gateway, the pop-up has "Auto-select system default gatewaty" (sp :ashamed: ) checked. If I select "Select the system default gateway", nothing is selectable, and an error shows: "No adapters can reach the Internet". Which is bogus, as the OS has no problem reaching QNAP to download updates, sync time, etc. At least, once I define the default gateway route as above.

At another location, I have a TS453U, also bonded on *two* separate LANs (two adapters each). It does not exhibit this problem - there is a system default gateway. The big difference is that, at the moment, I'm not using Container Station on the TS453U, so there is no vSwitch defined.

I guess, the question is, where is the vSwitch config kept, as that seems to be the source of the problem? Does anyone have an example of a working vSwitch config with a default gateway? To be clear here again, in the vSwitch config UI, there *is* a default gateway defined. It just isn't getting propagated to wherever the UI shows the "System Default Gateway":


Here's the interface config (bond):


...and the vSwitch config:


Thanks for any ideas...