Movies DVD Collection streaming using QNAP

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Movies DVD Collection streaming using QNAP

Postby Spooky Neo » Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:09 pm


Greetings from snowy Montréal, Canada :)

I'm actually in the process of buying a NAS. I do not own a NAS at the moment, so it would be my first. I am a computer technician and geek, so I know the technical stuff. Even though the NAS will be used for centralized data at home and backups, it will mostly be used for multimedia purposes.

I have a medium sized DVD (movies) collection (around 60). I would like to rip these DVDs into a NAS and be able to stream the ripped DVDs to either my PS3 or X360 using DLNA. I do not want to compress my DVDs using Divx-Xvid (.avi) and would like to avoid MKV files for DVDs. In fact, I would like to either rip the DVDs in ISO file or VOBs to avoid loosing quality. I understand that this would take a while for me to do each DVDs, and also understand that I might have some issues with protected DVDs, but my question is will the QNAP Multimedia Station (or Twonky?) be able to read ISOs or VOBs files and then stream them ? Will either the PS3 or X360 be able to read the file format properly ?

I'm asking for ISO file, because I've read that in the new version of the QNAP software, ISOs can be mounted. Maybe it is possible to mount the ISO of a DVD movie and then stream it...

Also, talking about multimedia file sizes, are MKV supported by QNAP ?

I currently have a DLNA server using my Asus RT-N16 router and Tomato software. I have a 1TB external USB hard drive connected to my RT-N16 and Tomato uses miniDLNA server to stream the multimedia files to my PS3 and X360. The PS3 seems to handle much more file formats than the X360, so I use my PS3 all the time.

I'm actually looking at the QNAP TS-419P+ or TS-412. If transcoding is done on the QNAP, I might get the 419P+ which is 400MHZ faster than the 412.

Thank you for your time and advices,


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Re: Movies DVD Collection streaming using QNAP

Postby scubajwd » Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:48 am

Just my $.02 since I have been doing this for some time..I have a QNAP 639 and a 239 both of which use their
on-board twonky media server to serve up the vobs with no issues to my PS3; i use ahard-wired enet
conection to my network for best performance; wireless performance is problematic particularly with
mp4 files; don't know about ISO structures as I have not tried that..never heard of mounting an ISO file but
that would be better for language and subtitling I suppose..MKV's are not read by PS3 at least not my latest
firmware release for the PS3..It's been asked for by the PS3 community for ages..altho its just another
container for an mp4 H.264 file I main issue/complaint is that QNAP is quite far behind on their
on-board version of Twonky and seems to be falling further as of late I've been comparing video
streaming with my Apple TV even tho that means I'm tied to itunes..I can at leastse the QNAPs for storage and
am not tied to a version of Twonky that has significant issues..
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