MyQNAPcloud vs. Wonderbox?

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MyQNAPcloud vs. Wonderbox?

Post by mlevin77 » Sat Jan 11, 2014 8:11 pm

I would like to use my TS879Pro box as a replacement for Dropbox. Since mine is behind a router and a Comcast cablemodem, I need to somehow solve the dynamic IP address problem. I see myQNAPcloud and also a software for the NAS called Wonderbox which supposedly does something similar. Can anyone comment on the differences (pros and cons), and in general point me to any kind of basic introduction to how to use this service to replace Dropbox? I'm also interested in security implications (forwarding through the router, etc.).
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Re: MyQNAPcloud vs. Wonderbox?

Post by schumaku » Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:08 pm

To overcome the dynamic addresses the solution is using dynamic DNS services, like, or something like the commercial As of writing, myQNAPcloud is certainly better integrated with QTS and the mobile apps.

With, [yourNASname] dies always resolve to the dynamic IP address.

Unless I'm wrong Comcast does limit using standard service ports like 80/TCP, 8080/TCP, 443/TCP or probably also 8081/TCP - ports commonly used for Web and network services - unless you have a business subscription. In case you are a lawyer, consider to check Comcast internet service contracts for not providing a full service - similar to a phone company permitting to place outgoing calls, but no incoming calls :ashamed:

Workaround here is (not talking of subscribing business service, where they might have even static IP available) to use alternate, non-standard ports for the QTS 4 services and the Web server.


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